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Reboot by Amy Tintera

Basically, this book is about a 17-year-old girl (a Reboot, which is someone who basically comes back from the dead), named Wren One-Seventy-Eight. She is in charge of training newbies and taking in criminals. Her life is a routine: She trains newbies, goes on missions, and, no matter what, obeys orders. Until the day that Callum Twenty-Two comes.

(The actual summary is probably a lot better than that, but that’s the best I can do without spoiling anything)

I absolutely loved this book. From the get go, I couldn’t put it down. Told from Wren’s point of view, the book is enthralling and capturing, and will grab your attention from page one. You get absorbed in the world, the characters, and most of all, the adventure throughout the novel. My only critique: I wish it had been longer.

One of my favorite things about this book was the world that Wren and Callum live in. At first it was a little confusing, since I had no idea what a Reboot was, but the book does a very good job of explaining things. Not only what a Reboot was, and how they came to be, but also what happened between today (modern times) and the time period the book is set in, which is sometime in the distant future. And it was very easy to imagine what was happening, and how this could be realistic, even though it was so far from reality. The world they live in does not seem like it could be possible; I mean, the dead come back to life (and no, they’re not zombies, ghosts, or vampires). That’s not realistic. But it felt real. The system that the Reboots live in, how they live their lives, even each character was so real to me, that I could form a complete picture in my head of what was happening. Aside from that initial What’s a Reboot? there was no confusion, and while sometimes I got a thought that told me what I was reading wasn’t real (again, the dead come back to life. Hello!) it seemed like it could actually happen.

I loved the characters. Wren, the main character, is absolutely hilarious. At first she seemed cold and distant, and almost robotic, but as I kept reading, she opened up more and more, having more emotions the more I read. It was almost like I was actually meeting her. The first impression was that she was more robot than human, and more dead than alive, but as I got to know her, as I kept reading, I found out that she is compassionate, and understanding, and kind to those who are close to her. She is also strong, and extremely fierce; there were moments (a lot of them) where I wished I was as cool as she is. And then there’s Callum. Callum made me smile the minute the book introduced him. He’s funny, and sweet, innocent and adorable. He reminded me of a puppy at times, always happy. Not always, but he was a pretty positive character. I could not find anything to hate about either Wren or Callum. They’re just really like-able characters. Ever was like that as well. She was a really cool character, fierce like Wren, but a little softer and a little nicer. She was also extremely protective of Wren. If someone didn’t like Wren, or said something mean to her, Ever was automatically their enemy. There are a lot of other characters that I loved, but if I keep going I’m going to end up spoiling something. But there were very few characters where I thought, what a useless character, or had a completely negative thought that wasn’t plot related. There was never a moment when I thought, God, you’re pathetic or get over it. I genuinely liked every character, with the exception of some of the HARC (the people who “take care of” the Reboots) members, because they pissed me off, but they were meant to be the characters that you hate on.

I got into the story really fast. I was addicted to it even before Callum came in, and after he did I couldn’t stop reading it. There were times when it reminded me of The Hunger Games, but it was not significant enough to change my opinion of the story. And other than that, I absolutely loved it. I definitely recommend this to anyone who will read it; it’s a fantastic book. I would say 13+ though, only because there is a lot of talk about sex. There’s no actual act, but Wren talks about it quite a bit. There’s also drugs, but no drug use for the main characters; just a few of the people around them. But other than that, it’s pretty appropriate. And a definite must read.