Storm by Brigid Kemmerer

This is the first book in the Elemental Series, which is basically about a family whose members can control certain elements, along with others who are not in the family. One of the brothers, Chris (our hero of this story), gets rescued one night by Becca, who is in his class. The book follows them in their quest to keep Chris and Becca’s families safe from an elemental who can control every element.

(Basically, this book is extremely similar to Avatar: the Last Airbender. It had very similar features in it, especially the part about controlling the elements, and the elemental who is able to control all the elements.)

I do not recommend this book for anyone under the age of 13. It has some pretty strong messages about bullying, and rape (including themes of both in the novel), and also has alcohol and cussing in it.

I personally really enjoyed this book. At first I was dubious about it; it was similar to Twilight at first, and that was something that I did not like. But as I kept reading it, I realized that I liked this book a lot better. A LOT better. I started to care what happened to each character, and get very invested in it. I also started noting all the differences between Storm and Twilight, the main one being that Becca is a lot stronger and more prominent a female character than Bella ever was. She also was not as wrapped up in her own personal love story the entire time, but instead put safety first, especially when it came to secrets and weird supernatural beings. She was also a lot more reserved then Bella was, and while Bella was willing to go off with a vampire who had thoughts of killing her just because he was hot, Becca was a bit more cautious. I also liked Chris and Hunter a lot more than I liked Jacob and Edward. They were in a similar situation, in that they both liked the same girl, but they were just better characters. And that was only the beginning of my list.

Aside from the fact that at first it reminded me of Twilight, I really did like it. I liked the idea behind it (I was an avid watcher of Avatar, and as I mentioned before, the book was very similar in the idea that certain people could control the elements. I liked how Kemmerer brought that out, and how she made it into something that was not just beautiful, but also a little dangerous. I greatly enjoyed how it gave the characters power, but it could also be a weakness, and just thought that, overall, it was put together very well). I also liked that it didn’t have so many characters that I was confused and lost track, but had enough that it expanded the world contained within the book. Not once did I read a name and say something like, “Rafe? Who’s he again?” I also never got confused at a part of the book and had to stop and think, “Wait, what’s happening at the moment? Weren’t they just at the park or something?” It was all straightforward, but only enough that you didn’t get lost.

It was fairly predictable, but it took me a while to predict the things that were going to happen. For example, I knew certain events were going to happen, or that a certain person was going to be shown as a liar, but I had a hard time pinpointing exactly which role they were going to play. And I enjoyed the fact that not everything was completely predictable.

I also like how the relationships in the book (not just romantically, but other forms of relationships as well) took a period of time to form; they didn’t just appear overnight. They happened over pages and pages, or in the timeline of the book, over days and days. They formed slowly, with time, and they built trust. They didn’t just walk up to each other, introduce themselves, and then suddenly become best friends who would trust each other with their lives. They took their time, and earned each other’s trust and respect.

I would definitely recommend reading this. If you happen to be a Twilight fan, this is definitely a book for you. But even if you don’t, and you absolutely hated Twilight, then I would still recommend reading this book. It was a fun read, enjoyable, and a page turner.

(And now I’m off to read the second one! 🙂 )