Grimm’s Complete Fairytales

For those who are not familiar with the Grimm’s fairy tales, they are mostly appropriate for everyone; there are a few (like “The Maiden Without Hands”, which is one of my personal favorites) that may be a little too dark for small children. Aside from those few, though, these fairy tales are perfectly fine for everyone. And they’re just those stories that everyone should read sometime in their life, like Aesop’s fables.

I personally love the Grimm Brothers. They wrote the most original fairy tales, but always with some kind of dark and twisted theme, always dealing with some kind of king, queen, prince, or princess, and always with the same ending: happily ever after. But each story is still different; almost no too stories are alike, and that’s part of the reason I enjoy them so much. They also all deal in magic (which is always cool), and have some form of evil villain. In most ways, they are entire novels compressed into a few pages.

But what I really like about the copy that I have is that, even though it is extremely fat and hard to carry around, it really is the complete collection. I can access any of the ones I have already read, and reread them, and maybe learn something new (or just enjoy my favorites), or I can pick one I haven’t read yet. And I definitely haven’t read them all. But I like the possibility that if I can’t sleep, there’s a fairytale waiting next to my bed. Plus it has pictures (actually, they’re really cool drawings of moments in the story).

Some of my personal favorites (if you ever decide you want the full collection, or you decide you want to read it and look it up via internet):

“Snow-White and Rose-Red”

“The Maiden without Hands”

“The White Bride and the Black Bride”

“Brother and Sister”

“The Twin Brothers”

And then, of course, all the Disney ones (except Cinderella, Snow White, and Sleeping Beauty. The Grimm tales/versions are pretty good, but I’m not especially fond of them). (Also, as a side note, whether or not you liked the Disney movies, you should still read the fairy tales. They’re not the same and, while I love Disney and everything that is Disney, they really didn’t do the stories justice. And they changed a lot of what the actual story is, and just used the characters, especially for the movie¬†Tangled (which I love and I’m not trying to bash, because I personally think it’s fantastic), which completely misrepresented “Rapunzel”. Mostly the story, since she does actually have incredibly long hair, but her character was also completely changed by Disney. And that is definitely one of the stories I recommend reading. It’s not my favorite, and doesn’t make my Top 5, but it definitely makes my Top 10. It’s just a really good story).