Tenth of December by George Saunders

This is a series of short stories, the last being called “Tenth of December”. I don’t recommend them to anyone over the age of twelve or thirteen.

I loved this collection. Each story was original and amazing, dealing with normal issues in a new setting. Some parts were funny, some made me want to cry. But overall, it was absolutely amazing. George Saunders has a way of writing that just blew my mind away.

The only thing that confused me is the style of some of the stories, like the first one, “Victory Lap”. The entire narrative is a stream of thoughts, and at first I had a hard time following it. But after a few pages I got used to it and the world was right again. But honestly, that was the only issue I had with this book. I thought that the stories were brilliant, and, like I said, completely original, but at the same time I could relate to them. They did have real life issues, while still remaining that sense of originality, and it was something I really enjoyed.

I do recommend that you read this. It is beautiful, and if you’re looking for a short book you should definitely pick up this one, since it is a compilation of short stories, and you don’t have to read every single one in the same time period; instead, you can just choose whichever one you want to read, and just submerge yourself in that story. It was really refreshing, actually. 🙂