The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams

(This blog post is only on the first book, not the entire series, seeing as I have not started the second book, but have just finished the first.)

I don’t think I can give a summary of this book. It’s just too amazing, and too much happens. But I will tell you this: this is a story about Arthur Dent, who was saved right before the Earth was destroyed, and his friend, Ford Perfect, who’s an alien who saved Arthur right before the Earth was destroyed. They go on a hilarious adventure, with The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy helping them, along with two characters who come later in the book.

I absolutely loved this book. It was so funny and hilarious, and I had a hard time not reading it. It didn’t even matter what mood I was in: this book still made me laugh. And it’s not even just the humor that made it such a good book. The writing is amazing, the story line/journey is gripping, and Arthur and Ford are both two amazing characters who you just have to love. You can’t read this book and not like the characters; I even liked Marvin (a depressed robot), who everyone else in the book hates.

I also loved the fact that it put a positive (and if not positive, then funny) spin on the apocalypse. In every other apocalypse book, movie, or tv show I have ever seen, read, or heard of (and yes, the zombie apocalypse is included), it is usually portrayed negatively. Even post-apocalypse books don’t do what Douglas Adams has done, which is turn something serious like the end of the world, and turned it into something funny and joyful. (And ironic, of course. But you’ll have to read the book to find out about that.:) )

“Extremely funny…inspired lunacy…[and] over much too soon.”–The Washington Post Book World (from the cover of my version of the book). I added this quote, because (along with a quote on the back that reads, “[A] whimsical odyssey…characters frolic through the galaxy with infectious joy,” from Publishers Weekly) it is extremely accurate. I couldn’t believe I was at the end of the book until the last page, and it is definitely “inspired lunacy.”

This is definitely a book I would recommend reading, even if you hate books but want a good laugh. Even if you only pick up a book once a year, it is worth it to pick up this book. It is phenomenal. It is absolutely amazing; a fast read that will have you laughing the whole way.