True Believer by Nicholas Sparks

I’ve decided not to give a summary for this book. Basically, it’s the typical boy meets girl boy falls for girl story. And it wasn’t even that good. I mean, it was really awful. I usually love Nicholas Sparks’s books, but this one made me want to cry with how bad it was (yes, it was that bad). I didn’t even bother finishing it; I got to the last 80 pages and thought that it was super boring, and I just didn’t want to continue reading. And normally, if I’m that close to the end, I’ll keep reading, but this book wasn’t even worth it.

The worst part was that it wasn’t all that bad in the beginning. The beginning of the book was okay. The characters were funny, and I almost connected with the characters. But that’s all I can say for how good it was. Because if I’m being honest, that was the only good part of the entire book.

One of the things I look for in a romance novel (because if it’s not there it really can’t be considered a romance novel) is chemistry between the two main characters (as in the ones who are supposed to fall in love). Jeremy and Lexi (the two main characters), while they were funny in their conversations, had absolutely no chemistry. The scenes where they would flirt was more like funny banter between friends; it was in no way romantic. Or even slightly moving, and didn’t come off (to me) as flirting. And when she would think of him, or he would think of her when they weren’t together, it was, again, unromantic. I rolled my eyes through most of the book (although I did laugh a few times).

Another thing is how well the author uses clichés. Now, usually Nicholas Sparks is really good at this, especially with the famous scene from the Notebook (the one in the rain, the rain being the cliché). But he overdid it in this one. The clichés just weren’t cute or adorable, in that way that only romances can pull off; they were just corny and cheesy, and not the good kind either (more like the eye-rolling, “oh, brother” type of corny and cheesy). It was rather pathetic, and I had a hard time believing (no pun intended) that Nicholas Sparks even wrote this book, considering how much I liked his other (rather more famous) works. It was really disappointing, and I’m regretting ever picking up this book.

And, finally, there was no big plot twist. (And if you need a good example of a plot twist, you can use Vader turning out to be Luke’s father, which is such a huge plot twist that if you don’t understand how it is a plot twist, you should probably never open a book or see a movie ever again. Another great plot twist is in The Fault in Our Stars, but I’m not going to give that one away). The plot twist in this book (if there even was one) was so small and insignificant (and not a plot twist), that I’m pretty sure I missed it. And let’s face it, without a good plot twist, the book just is not interesting (without a plot twist, it’d have to be a pretty freaking fantastic book for me to continue reading, or just super exciting and interesting).

This book just absolutely depressed me, simply because of the fact that it was written by Nicholas Sparks (which I still don’t believe, by the way). Don’t read it. Just don’t. If you want good examples of Nicholas Sparks, don’t read this book. It’s not worth the pain and agony, and you’ll probably never pick up a Nicholas Sparks book again, which would be a real shame on your part, because his other books are amazing. Books like Dear John, The Notebook, and A Walk to Remember should be read, especially if you’re a romance fan. They’re just amazingly beautiful books (although some are not as appropriate as others). (other books that should be read in the romance genre are: Water for Elephants (the book not the movie), Charlie St. Cloud (which was amazing), and Flipped (which is appropriate for most ages, and absolutely adorable). And those are only a few). Seriously, though, don’t read this book. It was horribly cliched in all the worst ways, and there was no chemistry whatsoever between the characters. It was just a terrible terrible tragedy of a romance novel. So don’t read it.