adventure, mystery, romance

We All Fall Down by Simon Wood

Summary: Shane had just gotten Hayden Duke a dream job at Merin Design Engineering. They had been old college friends, but Shane and Hayden had started to drift apart. But when Shane commits suicide, Hayden doesn’t know what to think, especially when he receives an email from Shane with a cryptic message and a password protected document attached. Suddenly, Shane’s suicide is starting to look a lot like murder. Now the police think Hayden killed his friend, and the killer thinks he knows a bit too much. It’s up to Hayden to dig up what killed his friend, before it kills him.

I do not recommend this book to anyone under the age of 13. It is super violent, there is a lot of deaths, drugs, but otherwise it’s fairly appropriate.

There were a lot of things I liked about this book, and a few things I didn’t like. What I liked was the fact that it was really suspenseful, and that Simon Wood did a really good job in making me want to keep reading. What made it interesting was that from the start of the book, you know who the killer was. Okay, maybe not the very first page, but early on in the book it is made clear. There are even some chapters from the killer’s point of view, which I found pretty cool. What made it so suspenseful and a complete mystery, was not the fact that you (the reader) didn’t know who the killer was, but why they were doing the killing. Throughout the entire book, Wood gave hints as to what was going on, dropping small clues, but not enough to get the larger picture until the end, and I found that really interesting, especially since most mystery novels tend to not give you the killer until the end of the book. I liked being able to read from the murderer’s point of view, to see their take on the events happening. It also made the book ironic, which I really appreciated, because while I knew who the killer was, Hayden didn’t. There were a lot of scenes where Hayden talks to the killer, but has no clue. And that was something I could appreciate.

What I didn’t like was how stupid the characters were. I mean, there were some smart people in the book, like the detective, Santiago, and the killer (of course), but Hayden and Rebecca (who is Shane’s sister) have got to be the two stupidest people on the planet, for the simple fact that they are targets, as in their lives are in danger and are being threatened, yet they continue to chase after the killer, fall into innumerable traps, and still refuse to trust the police completely. Not only that, but when Hayden gets attacked, he still doesn’t give up the hunt. It’s like they never learn; even in the end they haven’t learned anything. That simple fact that the hero doesn’t learn anything at the end really bugged me, and it also bugged me that the ending was surprisingly not as climactic as I thought it would be. I mean, yeah, there was a battle scene (sort of) at the end, but it was disappointing. For everything that happens throughout the book, I expected more of an explosive ending. It was a bit of a disappointment that it wasn’t as suspenseful as the rest of the book.