Existence by Abbi Glines

Summary: Pagan Moore is your average high schooler. With the exception that she can see ghosts and is being stalked by a strange one who talks to her. What’s a girl to do if a spirit is stalking her? Fall in love with him, of course. Only, Dank is no average spirit. And on the day that Pagan has an accident, everything changes. 

This book is, for the most part, appropriate. It does feature love, and cheating, and secrets, and lying, not to mention some older language and cuss words.

I can’t decide how I feel about this book. For the  most part, I found that it was almost exactly like Twilight (I’m not going to get too much into that, since it will give away the book in case you want to read it), and that fact really annoyed me (if you’ve read the Twilight post you’ll understand why, and if you haven’t, then I’ll have you know I do NOT like that book), not to mention the fact that the more similarities I found, the more I hated the book. About halfway through, I had decided that I definitely didn’t like it. Then I got to the ending. Say what you want about this book, it has a pretty good ending. Not only that, but, despite the fact that 1) Pagan is an awful name (as is Dank), and 2) she is almost exactly like Bella, (and 3) she needs to get a life because nobody should be so hung up on a boy that when he doesn’t appear to love her she locks herself in her room, and doesn’t talk to anyone for an entire weekend. She does this a lot throughout the book) she is also a strong character. And while most of the book she pissed me off, going on and on about how Dank wouldn’t pay attention to her love when she has a boyfriend, she is also kind to some of the other characters and actual does seem to love Dank, even if that love is a bit far-fetched and somewhat unrealistic (it’s not impossible, but the chances of finding true love in high school? Very, very slim). But, despite that fact, I did like the fact that Pagan seemed to grow up throughout the book. She seemed to get stronger as the book progressed. The only other thing I liked about the book, aside from that, and the ending (which is making me want to know what happens next, God help me), were the writing style and the friends that Pagan either had or picks up throughout the book. First of all, let me just state that the writing is amazing. Glines is a genius writer, even if I don’t agree with her main character or most of the plot line. But mostly, even though the writing was amazing, I did almost hate the main character; until the end of the book, she seemed like this whiny mess who couldn’t get control of her life. It’s only until the end of the book that she seems strong (as I’ve mentioned earlier). Also, despite the fact that I love her friends and the people around her (her best friend is hilarious. I think Miranda and Wyatt had to have been my two favorite characters, and they’re also the only two “main” characters with normal names), they never seemed to understand that something was clearly wrong with her. Either she’s an extremely good actress, or they’re terrible at observation. Pagan spends the majority of the book either keeping secrets (like her love for Dank despite having a boyfriend, who she refuses to break up with because he feels safe), is depressed because Dank doesn’t seem to love her back or is sending extremely mixed signals, or is acting so crazy she should be on meds, and nobody, I mean NOBODY does anything to help her, and they actually leave it at, “I’m okay,” or, “lack of sleep,” or some other excuse that, I’m sorry, would not be true normally. If I asked if someone was standing there, in the middle of an empty hallway, and they said, “No, there’s no one there, are you feeling okay?” and I said, “Yeah, lack of sleep or something,” I would probably get told to go to a psychiatrist.

But, like I said. Despite having serious issues with the majority of the book, the ending was really good, and I actually want to know what happens next, despite hating the main character and almost the entire book. Again, way too similar to Twilight for my taste. I’m hoping the second book is better.

But, hey, if you liked Twilight and really moody girls with major boyfriend issues, then by all means, go ahead and read it. If you’re like me, and you did not like Twilight, (maybe because you found it stupid, hated Bella, or it went against the vampire myth too much for you) then I do not recommend this book for you. You’re probably not going to like it very much.