adventure, romance

Eve and Adam by Katherine Applegate and Michael Grant

Summary: It all started with an apple, and then there was the crash. The car crash that was almost killed Eve Spiker. After being whisked away to her mom’s hospital by a strange boy named Solo, Eve finds out that, not only has she survived, but there was a ton of damage done to her. Only, now she’s bored out of her mind. Eve’s mom decides to give her a project: create the perfect boy. Using a virtual program, Eve is able to make the perfect boy, and she can make him any way she wants: gorgeous, kind, brave, smart. Anything she thinks will make him perfect. But is Adam, the boy she creates, really perfect?

“I am thinking of an apple when the streetcar hits and my leg severs and my ribs crumble and my arm is no longer an arm but something unrecognizable, wet and red.

An apple. it was in a vendor’s stall at the farmers’ market off Powell. Id noticed it because it was so weirdly out of place, a defiant crimson McIntosh in an army of dull green Granny Smiths.

When you die–and I realize this as I hurtle through the air like a wounded bird–you should be thinking about love. If not love, at the very least you should be counting up your sins or wondering why you didn’t cross at the light.

But you should not be thinking about an apple.”

I recommend this book for anyone 12+. There is a lot of cursing, mention of drugs, illegal activities, and violence.

I absolutely loved this book. It’s been so long since I could say that about a book–I don’t know how long it’s actually been, but it feels like ages since I couldn’t put a book down. I honestly did not want to put this down; I wanted to know what happens to Eve and Solo next, what she makes Adam like, the growing friendship/romance between everyone. I just wanted to keep reading.

The way the authors wrote this book was somewhat genius. While it is no Jane Austen or Dickens, the writing style kept my attention long enough to get me hooked on the book. It made me feel like I was actually the people; I could relate to the characters, which definitely helped, but it also helped that the writing style was very teen-sounding, which made it more realistic, since the characters telling the story were teens. Speaking of…the characters are hilarious. Aislin (the best friend) has got to be one of the funniest flirts on the planet. She’s witty, a good friend, flirts with any male whom she deems worthy (as in, super cute), and the total opposite of the main character. Eve is this serious person who almost seems like a spoiled rich kid at first, even from her narrative. But as the book went on, it showed other sides to her, a deeper personality that I could connect with. And Solo, can’t forget about Solo. Solo has got to be my favorite character (although it’s a close race). He’s just so innocent when it comes to girls, and so clueless that it’s cute, and makes for a good laugh, especially when he meets Aislin for the first time. I probably spent half the time reading this freaking out and laughing over their conversations, and the other half flipping pages, dying to know what happens next.

By the way, if the summary didn’t interest you, I just want to say that it’s a bit more complicated than that. But I don’t want to spoil anything. Let’s just say that there’s a plot, a secret, and some crazy people. It’s definitely a book worth reading.