adventure, romance

Fallen (Guardian Trilogy Book 1) by Laury Falter

Summary: Maggie has been on the move her entire life. For the first time ever, she is about to put down roots for one year in New Orleans, living with roommates, and living a normal life, going to school and moving into a house. Making friends. But Maggie isn’t normal. She’s a messenger, someone who can go to the afterlife, and speak with the dead. And, to top that off, someone is trying to kill her if Eran, who seems to be stocking her and, according to Maggie, has a hero complex, can be believed. But Eran is hiding something, something big, and it could either save her life, or be the very thing that breaks her.

I do not recommend this book for anyone under the age of 9. For the most part, I believe it to be appropriate, if not a little, tiny bit gory, but there is nothing too inappropriate.

I thought this book was a bit like Twilight. And I am trying very hard not to compare the two books. There were moments, however, when Maggie would lapse into a Bella like attitude (and I apologize here for all those Bella and Edward fans who happen to read this, but I can’t please everyone, and this is the only way I can describe it), where she would almost become the character of Bella. At other moments, she was strictly Maggie, and those were the moments that I really liked the book. However, I cannot say that I loved it; I did enjoy it, but I would never list it under my personal top 25 books to read. It’s definitely the type of book that you want to read over the summer, though. It is a quick read, and its fun, and entertaining.

I did really like the characters, for the most part. Eran was funny, and sweet, and arrogant, but at the same time, slightly predictable. Her roommates were hilarious, along with some of the other people she met, though I definitely do not like the Warden (who was the headmaster (?) of the school), but I guess you weren’t meant to like him. And, I liked Maggie as a narrator (even though at times she seemed boring or Bella-like). She was sarcastic, and cool, and just amazing. She sticks to her own views throughout the book, and remains observant of others.

Even though I thought that it wasn’t an amazing book (and I mean the AMAZING!!!! kind of amazing), I still liked it, and I thought that it was worth the read. I’m actually looking forward to reading the second book.