Freaks and Revelations by Davida Wills Hurwin

Doug: “I never saw a kid that night; I saw a creature, an enemy, taking something that belonged to me. That’s not an excuse, I know–there is no excuse, no good reason. It’s not an apology either. Apologies don’t really help. The thing is done. I did it.”

Jason: “I survived that night because I didn’t yet understand about love or families or how life is supposed to go. Or maybe I survived so I could tell my story. Whatever, Doug’s right–apologies don’t change things.”

Summary: Seventeen-year-old Doug had an abusive father and leads a Neo-Nazi life. Jason is fourteen, gay, and homeless. On one fateful night, their lives will collide and spiral out of control. (Based on true events).

This book is not recommended for young children. There is a lot of violence, racial slurs, cussing, mention of sex, and drug abuse. I do, however, think that it is a must read for anyone older than thirteen (I think at that point it should be okay but younger than thirteen would definitely be a bad idea). This book was just absolutely amazing. It blew my mind away.

Hurwin did an amazing job incorporating both points of views, getting in the two different personalities. It was really easy to tell which story was which, and who was narrating, just by the way the chapters were written. The way she writes draws you in, though at some points in the beginning I found it a little slow, and at one point I just wanted to read the part where they meet.

I enjoyed reading the book, even if I didn’t agree with Doug the majority of the time. He’s a bit hard-core, and very, very racist with no respect for other cultures, or for other types of people, who aren’t exactly like him. And while I didn’t agree with him, I still enjoyed his side of the story. And Jason was just so sweet and innocent.

I liked how there were two sides to the story; there is always two sides to every story, but it’s not too often that there is in a book. Or, not this type of book. Usually, it’s in a romance, but it really worked in this novel.