A Kiss in Time by Alex Flinn

Summary: All her life, Talia has been told to stay away from spindles. She knows that she has been cursed by an evil witch, because she wasn’t invited to the celebration of Talia’s birth. But when she is tricked, and touches a spindle, she must await true love’s first kiss. Jack just wanted to get away from the boring tour group his parents sent him on in Europe. When he finally does, he gets lost, and finds a castle, where everyone is asleep! And when he sees the beautiful sleeping girl, he cannot resist giving her a kiss. Talia finally wakes up, but there’s still one problem. It’s 300 years after she fell asleep!

This book is recommended for anyone 9 and up.

A Kiss in Time is basically a retelling of the classic fairy tale, the Sleeping Beauty, only it was set in the twenty-first century, and the romance is a little more real. Instead of her just waking up and marrying the prince, there is a little more actual true love involved. Alex Flinn has created a comedy version of the classic tale that is beloved by a lot of people, creating characters with a little more depth and more dialogue. Talia is so funny and hilarious, and such the typical princess; she’s bratty, and self-centered, but at the same time, she has a kind side to her, and she’s super smart. And Jack is like the typical slacker, totally absorbed in his own world. This book is told from both of their points of view, showing both of their thoughts on their situation, and showing how both of them feel towards the other, their thoughts and feelings, their different personalities.  I loved it. Definitely worth reading.

And, if you like this book, some of her other books are Beastly, and Cloaked, which I also recommend reading, since they are both amazing. And, if you have happened to have seen the movie that is based off of Beastly, I can tell you right now, that if you liked it you’ll definitely like the book (since its way way way better), and if you didn’t like it, it is, again, way way way better.