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The Returning by Christine Hinwood

Summary: Cam Attling was the only survivor from his village after the war with the Upplanders. He came back, wearing new clothes, speaking their language, and on a new, grey horse. But Cam is also missing his arm. As rumors start to circulate through his village, Cam is slowly going mad with the need to go, go, go.

This book is not recommended for children under age 13. There is cussing, and violence, and at times this book is very confusing to read.

I very much enjoyed this book, though like I said, at times it was confusing. You really enter the world that Christine created, launching yourself into it in the first few chapters. I did, however, find it a bit slow, until about half-way through the book, when things started to go faster and faster, until I was racing to finish.

This book is less about Cam, and his experience in war and  in life, and more about the repercussions that his going off to war, coming home, and going again had on those around him. It’s really about how one person can effect so many people’s lives, changing them forever. It switches points of view (third person), telling you about the different characters, and how their lives personally are effected. It’s also about how much war effects the country, and how much things can change over time.

I did not, however, like the ending of this book, but I’m not giving any spoiler alerts.