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Wishing For Someday Soon by Tiffany King

Summary: Katelyn Richards has always been moving. Her mom has moved them so many times with her countless boyfriends, that Katelyn has lost count. She has spent her entire life protecting her younger brother, Kevin, from the abuse that her mom doles out. When they arrive in a small town in Montana, Katelyn thinks that it will only end badly. After all, small towns are the worst for the rumor mills. But then Katelyn meets Max, a sweet, energetic, smart, not to mention extremely cute boy who has everything she doesn’t, sparks will fly. The only problem is, will Katelyn be able to protect Kevin when Max is there? Or will she have to give up the best thing that’s ever happened to her?

Genre: Romance

This book is not recommended for anyone under 13. There is violence, language, mention of sex, sex (not detailed 🙂 ), mention of drugs, and smoking.

There are a lot of books that follow this story line, and so it was a little overused. However, Katelyn really stands out against all the rest, mostly because in none of the other books which fallow a similar plot line, she has something to defend: Kevin. Katelyn is a strong character, who is very independent, and someone you can really admire. There were moments when I thought that she was crazy, but she always had a reasoning behind it; unlike her mom.

Tiffany King really expressed the character well through a very strong narrative. And while she did use an over-used plot, she put her own twist to it.