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Twilight by Stephenie Meyers

I know that by now, a lot of people already know what Twilgiht is about, but for those of you who are living under rocks, this is the basic summary:

Bella Swan has just moved in with her Dad, who lives in a small town called Forks, in Washington. There she meets Edward Cullen, the super hot boy in her class who seems to want nothing to do with Bella. To Bella, Edward is absolutely perfect. But as she falls for him, she will find out that there is more to Edward than meets the eye…

Okay. So that was the basic plot summary.

The main problem with this story (and its kind of a big one) is that this book is exactly like all the other vampire romances (By the way, who came up with that? A vampire is not some love struck, lonely teen cursed to live a sad and pathetic existence without his true love. A vampire is a vicious creature of the night who enjoys drinking blood from others. Basically, they’re leeches.). They fall in love, start dating, she wants him to bite her, and then he says (with his amazing self-control) that no, he doesn’t want her to be like him, a blood-sucking monster, cursed for all eternity.

The real summary should sound more like this: Edward Cullen is a vampire leading a pathetic existence until he meets Bella. And even though he’s supposed to not suck her blood, he really wants to date her, and the bloodsucking urge is going to be nearly impossible to stop. So he goes ahead and dates her anyways. (Basically she’s a big hamburger put in front of him, and he has two choices: he can date it, or eat it, and, by the way, he’s starving slowly). Oh, and, to top it all off, Bella is also being chased after by other blood thirsty vamps who also want to suck her blood, and her friend, Jacob (who, in case you didn’t know, shifts into a dog at random times) also wants to date her. So, she now has to choose between Edward (who wants to suck her blood, but can’t, and, for some reason, sparkles in the sun), the evil vampires also wanting to suck her blood/kill her, and Jacob (who happens to also be a dog). What will Bella choose?

Totally romantic.

I also didn’t like the way that Stephanie Meyers wrote the book. Bella is not only portrayed as someone who, for some reason, wants a relationship with someone who wants to drink her blood (and who can, potentially, kill her), but also as a weak person, who cannot do anything on her own. She literally cannot think of a life without Edward Cullen, and without him, her life is dull and flat. Also, she twisted the vampire myth a little too much, what with the ‘I sparkle in the sun’ bit. Vampires are supposed to disintegrate in the sunlight. Fairies sparkle. Vampires  turn to ash. They don’t sparkle. Also, there’s apparently no other way to kill them, other than the very gruesome way that let’s just say ends in fire (Trust me, it’s pretty gross to think about).

I might have liked this book, had the author stuck to the original myth about vampires, even  with the “romance” between a vampire and a human (which still doesn’t make much sense to me, and makes even less sense then her dating the dog), but she twisted it too much, and changed it completely. And for me, ( I don’t know if you’ll be the same way, should you give this book a chance even after listening to me butcher it) that’s what ruined Twilight.

*Warning: I warn you that should you read this book (and then continue the series), it is somewhat disturbing (unless you don’t think about it too much), and the fourth book is highly disgusting and inappropriate.*