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Looking For Alaska by John Green

Summary: Before: Miles Halter (“Pudge” as he is later called) has left his safe home for the unpredictable life at the boarding school his dad went to, Culver Creek, all in hopes of finding the Great Perhaps. While he is there, he meets Alaska Young. She pulls Pudge into the maze that is her life, and shows him how to find the Great Perhaps, as she steals his heart.

After: Everything changes.

This book is not recommended for anyone under 13. There is language, drinking, smoking, mention of drugs, and talk of (and a little) sex.

Looking For Alaska was recommended to me by someone else, and when I first got it, I looked at the cover and thought, this is going to be like Into the Wild. It wasn’t. It was nothing like Into the Wild. It was fun, exciting, sad, and hilariously funny. There were parts where I couldn’t stop laughing, and parts where I just wanted to cry. Pudge is an amazingly smart, strong, funny, extremely innocent guy, and someone you want to cheer for until the very end of the book. John Green has gotten as close as he can to creating the next Holden Caulfield (because you just cannot beat the original).