action, Caution: May not be appropriate for those under 13, Graphic Novels/Comic Books

Watchmen by Alan Moore (writer) and Dave Gibbons (illustrator/letterer)


The Watchmen used to be a group of masked adventurers, who defeated evil foes in the face of justice. They were broken up when the government outlawed them, and they went into retirement. But when one of the men, the Comedian, is murdered, another former member, Rorschach, thinks that someone is out to get the masked heroes. While the countries around the world are slowly heading towards a World War III, Rorschach is searching for the murderer behind the Comedian’s death, and the conspiracy behind it all.

This is a very graphic comic book, with a lot of pictures of blood, and many swear words. I do not recommend this for anyone who cannot watch movies or read books with a lot of blood in them. I also do not recommend this for anyone who is under the age of 13.

This graphic novel was amazing, and kept me turning the pages, even though I couldn’t read it at night because it was too graphic for me. Not only does it have a very good plot line, but also a surprising ending, and it defines the different characters and their many characteristics very beautifully. It also shows the side of humanity that no one else wants to see (the cynical side) and how there is a very fine line between a hero and a villain.

“We do what we have to do. Others bury their heads between the swollen teats of indulgence and gratification…but there is no shelter…and the future is bearing down like an express train.”

Rorschach’s Journal