Caution: May not be appropriate for those under 13

Ophelia by Lisa Klein

If you’ve ever read Hamlet, by William Shakespeare, you’ll love this.


In the play, Hamlet, Shakespeare shows us the tragedy of Hamlet, and his madness at seeing his father’s ghost. However, we never really see Ophelia’s (who also goes crazy, or so the story goes) point of view on the entire situation. In the play, she’s a main character with few lines, but the lines she does have are very powerful. In this narration of the story of Ophelia, Lisa Klein shows us Ophelia’s powerful character, and adds a new perspective to the original play.

I do not recommend this book to anyone who has not heard of Hamlet, because even though you’ll understand it, you won’t appreciate it as much. If you have read the play, you’ll see the various connections. But I also recommend reading this book before you read the play (if you plan on doing so), so that you can get a better sense of what’s happening.

I have reread this book about 12 times, and have yet to get tired of it. The prose is strong, and it really shows Ophelia’s character, and her wisdom and strength. It puts a new spin on the tragedy of Ophelia, her craziness, and her untimely death.

This is definitely one of those books that you cannot judge by the cover. Because it is so much more than just a picture of a girl. It is about love, and lost, but most of all, it is about Ophelia, and her will to survive.

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