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Kingdom Come by Mark Waid and Alex Ross

Genre: Comic

Before you say anything, let me start by saying that just because it’s made up of pictures, does not mean it’s not a book. And Kingdom Come is most definitely a book. It has strong morals, and themes, and lessons, and a plot line; all the things that make up a book.

Now, with that out of the way, let me also tell you that I cannot give a summary other than this overall theme: what makes a superhero? But if I had to, this is what it would look like:

Earth as we know it in the DC comic world is slowly making its way to the Apocalypse. Or, more specifically, the superhuman Apocalypse. A pastor by the name of Norman McCay has been chosen to see it happening. As a ghost, he ventures into the future with the help of a messenger of “God”, witnessing how the original superheroes (Superman, Batman, Flash, Wonder women, etc.), after being retired for so long, face a new threat: the newer age of super humans who call themselves heroes, even though they endanger human life.

If you decide to read this book, I definitely recommend reading the intro. That makes me sound like a nerd a little, but honestly, it is beautifully written, and sounds almost lyrical. It’s more like a prologue than it is an intro. It also gives a little more insight to the book itself, and gives a better understanding of what’s to come and what’s to be expected by this book.

Also, as a comic, this book displays an amazing amount of art, with great attention to detail. It’s also not like normal comics, where it looks almost printed. These pictures look like they were painted (and they might have been; I have no way of knowing). It makes you want to linger and try to find all the brush strokes, and all the details you can; it makes you want to soak in each image. Truly beautiful.

I give this book a triple thumbs up. I wouldn’t recommend this book for younger children, seeing as there are a lot of large words and concepts which they may not understand, and one cuss word. But aside from that, I recommend this for all ages, seeing as it is something everyone thinks at one point: who are the true heroes?

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