The Rules of Survival by Nancy Werlin


Matt knows what it is like to fear. He has learned how to survive. He takes care of his two sisters, who live with their cruel and vicious mother. But when Matt witnesses Murdoch helping a kid in a convenience store, he begins to hope. Murdoch then begins dating Matt’s mom, and for him and his sisters, life has never been better. But when Murdoch breaks up with his mom, things take a turn for the worse. Matt knows that he needs to protect those he loves. Will he be able to rely on Murdoch? Or will Matt have to stick to his rules of survival, and take the protection of him and his sisters to the next level?

This book transports you to another life, one where survival is the key. It keeps you scared for the characters, but hopeful that Matt and his sisters will turn out all right in the end. You’ll want to keep reading until you finish, and never want to put it down.