Caution: May not be appropriate for those under 13

Because of Low by Abi Glines


Marcus has come home to support his family (and to get over the girl who denied him). His father has cheated on his mother, and now their family is a mess. Willow (“Low”) needs a place to stay. When her best friend (Marcus’s roommate; a player who has plans to marry Low in the distant future) offers her a roof over her head, she can’t refuse. When she gets there, she meets Marcus, and it’s love at first sight. But will she ever see men as anything other than players (as her friend is a fine example of) enough to give Marcus a chance? And will Marcus win her over, while his family drama is threatening to take over his world?

If you loved her first book, Breath (a tale about a girl with a bad home life who goes to work for a famous rock star, and love surely follows), you’ll love this one.